Canal Narrow Boat - Isis by Paul Somerford

Canal Narrow Boat - Isis

Fully scratch built including the hull. First built: 1973/74 by me. 37" cruiser-sterned hire boat model with a blue hull and white cabin. 6v Mabuchi motor/lead acid battery. Balsa plus Cascamite! 1975/76: Modified. 40" Traditional sterned boat Rounding the counter and extending cabin backwards. Paintwork redone completely to brighter colours with a sense of the traditional about her rather than the modern. 2010/13: Modified again. 59" Traditional boat. Cut off bow and stern and replace, removing the old hull skin and integrating the remaining centre section into the boat. Painting of the model, which was all done ... View More

Andrenes Fishing boat by Alan McGlashon

Andrenes Fishing boat

The day Joe showed me Andrenes Fishing boat and asked if I would like it. I knew I would love to take charge of a refit as it offered all the space I needed to add sound, lighting and more. First thing was the prop it was dry asked Brian if he would be able to remove prop and grease as it was not letting me undo the lock nut. Brian had to remove the rudder in order to remove prop then rebuild the ruder supports .then I started I went for the green look ... View More

Chimaera by Brian Caesar


Chimaera was a steam powered pilot boat working out of Barry, South Wales in circa 1913. My model is a representation of that boat built using a plank on frame construction and powered by a Libra double acting oscillating steam engine coupled with a horizontal boiler. The overall build time was in the region of 2,000 hours. The hull was built in two halves, split along the hog. A jig was used to keep each rib or frame correctly spaced and in the right orientation then clad using individual planks. The hull was first planked in beech as this ... View More